Aomori Ringo Beverage

Yuki Hana Aomori Ringo is cultivated in Aomori prefecture and in the northern part of Japan. These high grade apples are grown with special attention and extra care by the Japanese people. The apples are rotated to receive an even amount of sunshine on each and every surface of the apple.  This gives the apple it's beautiful crimson color.

Why do we need Yuki Hana Aomori Ringo?

Yuki Hana Aomori Ringo is made up of Aomori apple fiber made from Aomori apple pulp. Every 5 gm of Aomori apple fiber corresponds to 1 apple or 2 gm of dietary fiber. This prebiotic fiber helps promote digestive regularity, help increases the microflora in the digestive system, help to reduce bad cholesterol, increases bowel movement and improve constipation.

Ceramides an essential lipids found in the surface layer of our skin is abundantly contained in the Aomori apple fiber. Ceramides helps maintain the skin's barrier layer by holding the skin cells together. When the skin structure is intact, it enhances the smooth and glowing appearances of the skin. With age and environmental factors, we need to maintain a healthy skin by replenishing our skin with ceramides.

Yuki Hana now brings you the original Yuki Hana Aomori Ringo Beverage, a delicious beverage fortified with 4 essential nutrients for your busy lifestyle.  These nutrients are:  apple fiber containing dietary fiber and ceramides, hydrolyzed fish collagen with 17 amino acids and Vitamin C is an effective and convenient way to enhance a healthy gastrointestinal and beautiful skin.


Facts & benefits you should know:

Apple Fiber

  • helps promote good bacteria

  • improves nutrient absorption

  • improves bowel regularity

  • reduces bad cholesterol

Apple Ceramide

  • improves elasticity of the hair

  • increases moisture of the skin

  • reduces fine lines, roughness and wrinkles

  • improves dry skin

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptide  

  • strengthening of hair and nails

  • increase the firmness of the skin

  • maintain a smooth, supple and elastic skin

  • reduces the appearances of cellulites and scars

Vitamin C

  • antioxidant for the skin as it helps to fight against free radicals

  • increases collagen production

  • strengthen the immune system

  • help the skin to better withstand the ultraviolet ray from sunlight

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