Salmon Milt Extract containing DNA

The Chum Salmon or Oncorhynchus Keta is one of the most popular fish in Japan, and its milt has a long history in relation to food due to its nutritious value.

In view of these, research were carried out on salmon milt and it was later discovered that (Deoxy-Nucleic Acid @ DNA) was found abundantly in salmon milt extract. Our DNA product only uses DNA from salmon milt extract.

DNA is essential for turnover as a component of nucleus cell.  In general nucleic acids are produced by de novo pathway or biosynthesis in human liver, but the biosynthetic activity gradually declines due to aging or declining in liver function. Normally elderly people will end up with DNA deficiency. The consumption of DNA – nucleic acids helps improves the functions of various organs such as brain, liver, skin etc…In other words, supplementation of DNA is important for turnover against aging.

Important facts you should know between the relation of our liver and our skin

  • When the conditions of our liver worsen, the skin loses its smoothness and allergic symptoms will appear. Detoxification and metabolism of the liver are deeply related to this fact.
  • When detoxification decline, non-detoxify substances will be transported by our blood vessel into every other part of our body. This will result in the stimulation of melanocyte, therefore melanin increases excessively.
  • Therefore it is said that the skin is a mirror of the liver, and rich experienced doctors could tell the liver conditions of the patient by observing the skin condition.
  • In other words, apart from having a healthy liver, you’ll also benefit for having a healthy skin. 

The benefits of DNA are such as:

  • Skin beauty (reduce spots, pores, wrinkles and whitening effect)
  • Anti-aging
  • Staying power (stamina)
  • Alcohol metabolism (reduce hangover)
  • Improving brain function

Direction to use: Take 4 tablets daily.

Product of origin: Japan


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