Yuki Hana Food Collagen is an effort resulting from the advance Japanese technology in extraction and refinement. It is produced from fish, with its collagen closest to the human skin’s collagen.

Yuki Hana Food Collagen consists of small peptide molecules in the range of 2000 Dalton. Its absorption is superior due to its small molecular size. This actually leads to a more efficient collagen synthesis in different parts of the body such as joint tissue, bone blood vessels and skin dermis.

Yuki Hana Food Collagen is free from preservative, artificial colors with no added chemical substance. It is water soluble and transparent in solution.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the body’s natural protein. It accounts for 1/3 of the body’s natural protein. It is also the essential structural component of all connective tissue. In our skin, collagen spreads like a net, locks in the moisture content and work to maintain the firmness of our skin, maintain skin elasticity, smoothness, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, thus very
effective as anti-ageing.

It has been shown that it diminishes from the age of 25 onwards, due to stress, sunlight ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution and external factors which will result in the loss of collagen. Ingested Yuki Hana Food Collagen
is for maintaining and replenishing the collagen levels in the skin due to the passing time and maturity.

Benefits of Yuki Hana Food Collagen:

  • Beauty
Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles / firms, tones and plumps up the skin / strengthen nails / improves the condition of hair.
  • Anti-aging
Ageing skin / wrinkles / frown lines / crows feet / under-nourished and sun damaged skin / dry and cracked skin / scarring and wound healing.
  • Arthritis
Inflammation in joints / osteoarthritis-degenerative joint disease / cartilages / bursitis and tendonitis.

Direction: Mix 1 scoop (approx 5g) of Yuki Hana Food Collagen into beverage and stir well.

Source of material: Halal certified and produced in Japan.

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