Hiroshima Oyster Beverage

Human beings have been eating oysters for centuries.   It is loved by people from all walks of life throughout the world not only because of it's good taste, but also because of it's high nutrition value. Oysters are known as "Ocean Milk" due to it's balance in nourishment.  It is rich in various minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin A, B1, B2 as well as protein, lipid glucides and various amino acids.

Yuki Hana Hiroshima Oyster is particularly rich in taurine, zinc and glycogen.

Taurine is good for fatty liver because it helps to remove bad cholesterol from the liver and makes the fatty liver better.

Zinc activates immune cells and encourages good turnover of skin thus making the skin healthier.

Glycogen stores temporary energy in the body. When liver glycogen runs low, our athletic performances becomes poor.

Yuki Hana Hiroshima Oyster is made from Hiroshima fresh oysters via water boiling extraction process. The extract is then concentrated followed by condensation before sterilization. After spray drying it is compounded with selected coffee extract in order for you to enjoy a cup of delightful aromatic and nutritional mocha drink.

Do you often get tired?
Tend to lose your energy and vigor?
Wish to maintain health and skin beauty?

Benefits of Hiroshima Oyster Beverage:

Rich in Glycogen:

  • recover quickly from fatigue, improve stamina, improve the functions of the liver

Rich in Taurine:

  • activate the function of the liver, lower the cholesterol in the blood, balance blood pressure

Rich in Zinc:

  • metabolize cells, activate hormones for normal growth and reproduction

Good balance of essential amino acids:

  • skin, hair beauty and health

Rich in vitamins and minerals:

  • skin, hair beauty and health

Other facts you should know:

  • Hiroshima Oyster Beverage helps prevent hangover.
  • Organic zinc from the oyster enhance reproductive health.

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