Mobility, or our ability to move is one of our greatest concerned as we aged – and the lost of it can have a great devastating effect. Thus, maintaining a healthy joint becomes an important guide to quality living.

One of the most prevalent chronic diseases affecting people from all walks of life today is joint pain. It is a chronic, inflammatory, degenerative condition in which the cartilage of our joint gradually wears away. The incidence increases with age, but there is no excuse either for young people who are active in sports and those involved in heavy work.

Loss of cartilage in specific joint area is the most common reason for joint damaged. When the “cartilage” which is a protein substance that serves as a cushion between the joints of our bones wears down overtime, it will result in bone to bone rubbing.

Continuous lost of cartilage may lead to further joint weakness, destabilization and further injuries to the joints.


Regular exercises and supplementation of food containing cartilages are good practice in maintaining a healthy joint.

Smootie, a natural beverage product developed for joint using the advance Japanese technology with a combination of marine cartilages and marine collagen could be your solution towards joint health.

The secret of Smootie lies in the proteins and complex carbohydrates called mucopolysaccharides. This component which is high in viscosity helps in the lubrication of the tissue and in relieving the painful inflammation of the joint.

Regular intake of Smootie may help to rebuild lost cartilages and fluid between the joints for better mobility.  Get your Smootie today!

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