Smootie Beverage

"I could see some improvement after 2 weeks. Now my hands are not so stiff anymore and I can get in and out of the car without any pain in my joints."
Madam GL Khoo

"Every morning after putting on my socks, my greatest fear was to stand up. A friend recommended me this product, but initially I was sceptical. Today, I could leave my fears behind and stand up normal as what I used to do."
Mr Lim

"I've been seeking chiropractic treatment and the pain still persists. When I went for walks, I had to regularly sit and rest after taking several steps. I also couldn't sleep well because of the pain I endured. After just 2 months, I felt a difference. I felt stronger after diligently drinking 4 scoops of Smootie mixed in hot water daily. I can walk longer distances without feeling the pain on my spine. I sleep better now too."
Mrs Sunee Chan, Kuala Lumpur

Matcha Collagen

"Green colored drink? How does it taste like? That immediately came across my mind. My friends are now telling me that my face look so much more radiant as compared to before. They kept asking, " Don't mind sharing your secrets???.. "

"This is the tastiest collagen drink I have even tried! It is easy and it taste real good. My skin is not so dry anymore! "
Ms Bee Ling

Food Collagen

“I had never found anything like Yuki Hana collagen in the market. Every morning I would mix it into my beverage and my friends were amazed with my sparkling face. This is the reason why I recommend to friends.”
Mandy, Puchong.

"Ever since I have started taking YH Collagen, I could bend my knees without pain.
Tan, Penang.

"My complexion has improved. Thanks to Yuki Hana!"
Rachel, Raub.

Fiber 90

"I’m a diabetic patient for many years and very dependent on medication. Then a friend introduced me to Fiber90. I started with 2 tablespoon after every meal and to my surprised my condition improved! My medication reduced from 8 tablets to only ½ a day."
Lim, Muar.

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